Ring continuous lights 

Ring light is still getting more and more popular not only within photographers but it is also commonly used as a perfect source of light for doing make-up. Specific bulb construction and proper colour temperature helps to easily pick proper cosmetics because light is almost the same as natural daylight.

Ring light lamps – specification

The round shape of the lamp has the advantage over a standard lamp that in a specific way, it surrounds the face with light – thanks to that we avoid spot reflections of the light on the face. Also it is much better for a model who is not blinded by the light as much as it is with normal type of lamp. Our store offers many different kind of ring light designed for make-up, video making and photo shooting. Most popular are models with bulb power 65W and 40W but there are also some more technologically advanced with dimmer and colour temperature regulation. Many users appreciates also LED ring lights thanks to advantages it offers. The light is almost the same as with model with regular fluorescent bulb but the power consumption is lower and possibility of breaking ring bulb does not exist – LEDs are durable and will allow to use your lamp really long. Most popular model within make up artists is the one with power 40W, it gives you light that is bright enough to do professional make-up. To meet our clients expectations we have also prepared special price attractive sets that consist of lamp and tripod or light stand so you will not have to bother picking the right one. We offer also special cases that will help you to safely store and transport your ring lamp. If there are any questions about our products then do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions about technical parameters and advise best solution for your needs.

Ring light lamps for make-up and recordings are available in our online shop

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Showing 1 - 15 of 55 items