Photo Backgrounds 

Photographic backgrounds are one of the most important parts of every photo studio equipment. We offer high quality paper backgrounds 2,7m or 1,36m width and made in USA and polypropylene backgrounds that are 1,6 m width. We have many different types that will match needs of professional photographers and amateurs.

Photo background made of paper or polypropylene ?

Paper backgrounds are recommended especially for portrait photography when homogeneity is very important, which does not divert attention from model’s face. When your photos will be edited in graphic programs and you know that background will not be really important part of your photography then polypropylene background will be best choice for you. It is commonly used for product photography when later advanced graphic processing will be made to improve details. This kind of background is also extremely popular because it is affordable. We offer many different colours of each type of background. We have white, black but also green which are really popular within video-makers for chromakey technique. For photographic products really helpful are also acrylic basis which help to achieve mirror effect. To make your work more comfortable it is also good to have at least one product for hanging your background. In E-trade we offer plenty different types such as tripod based systems or holder sets with chains. There are even models that allows to mount 6 different colours of your background to not waste time on changing them during photoshoot. If you have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us. We are helping our customers to choose best products since 2002.

Photo backgrounds are available online or in our shop in Warsaw

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Showing 1 - 15 of 58 items