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Photography studio equipment consists of many different products. Our shop is helping photographers with making right choice since 2002. We offer high quality products such as light stands, photographic lamps and bulbs, ring light lamps, light tents and tables and many more that helps photographers every day in their work. We can also offer paper and polipropylene backgrounds and special stands and mounts to help you organize your work. Every day we do our best to prepare consistent and attractive offer that will not only satisfy professionals but also amateurs who treat photography as a hobby.

Essential photo studio equipment – check E-trade store!

Our products and offer helps to equip your studio with almost all of the most important accessories. A well equipped studio allows to keep on photo-shooting even when a lot of parameters such as light, background or many more must be changed to realize the photographer’s vision. It is really frustrating when you can’t make photos according to your ideas because there is not enough specialized studio equipment. To collect all the necessary products you need to remember that your studio size, type of photos you are doing, budget or even individual preferences of photographer may determine what kind of products you need to have. There are some types of products that are used in almost all of studios such as softboxes, lamps and bulbs (flash or continuous light), light stand and backgrounds. If you are beginning your adventure with photography it might be really difficult to decide which product will fit perfectly to your needs. If you have any doubts about parameters then do not hesitate and contact our sales department – we will answer all the questions and help you to choose right products that will match your needs and expectations.

Accessories for photography studio – check our offer

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Showing 1 - 15 of 160 items