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    replacement of CRV3, LB-01 battery, capacity: max 2500mAh, compatible with the Kodak QV: 2000UX, 2100, 2300UX, 2400UX, 2800UX, 2900UX, 3000EX, compatible with original chargers.

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    replacement of NP-100 battery,  capacity: max 2500mAh, compatible with the Casio Exilim PRO EX-F1, compatible with original chargers.

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    replacemen of NP-130 battery, capacity: max 2200mAh, compatible with the Casio Exilim EX-H30, EX-ZR100, compatible with original charger.

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    replacement of NP-50, NP-50DBA battery, capacity: max 1200mAh, compatible with the Casio Exilim EX-V7, EX-V7SR, EX-V8, compatible with original chargers.

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    replacement of NP-60 battery, capacity: max 1600mAh, compatible with the Casio Exilim: EX-S10, EX-S10BE, EX-S10BK, compatible with original chargers.

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    replacement of Fuji NP-60, Kodak KLIC-5000, Casio NP-30, Panasonic CGA-S301, Olympus LI-20B, Pentax D-LI2, Ricoh DB-40 Samsung SLB-1037 batteries, capacity: max 1250mAh, compatible with the Fuji Finepix: 50i, 601, F401, F601, F601Z, F700, LS-420, LS443, PDR-T30, compatible with original chargers.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items